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Stonehenge tunnel is part of £1.6bn road upgrade announced by Transport Secretary

Highways England has revealed further revisions to the preferred route for the £1.6bn Stonehenge road tunnel upgrade.

The A303 road upgrade between Amesbury and Berwick Down includes the 1.8-mile-long tunnel, eight miles of new dual carriageway and a bypass north of Winterbourne Stoke.

Time Team presenter Tony Robinson has attacked the Government's decision to give the go-ahead for the tunnel.

He described the project as "the most brutal intrusion into the Stone Age landscape ever" and accused the Department for Transport (DfT) of paying "no attention at all" to the importance of the Wiltshire monument.


However, heritage groups have welcomed the amended scheme to speed up traffic on the road past the famous landmark.

In a statement, the DfT said: "Linking the M3 in the South East and the M5 in the South West, the ‘expressway’ will upgrade this key route and improve journey times for millions of people.

“This major investment will support economic growth and tourism in an area where congestion and slow journeys have long had a negative impact on the region’s economy.

"A tunnel near Stonehenge will remove the traffic blight on local communities and enhance the famous landmark.

"It will reconnect the two halves of the 6,500-acre World Heritage site which is currently split by the road, and remove the sight and sound of traffic from the Stonehenge landscape."

Currently a single carriageway road runs within 165m of Stonehenge, but it is often congested as motorists slow down to look at the stones, particularly in the summer months.

Project Director from Highways England Derek Parody said it's a big step forward: "After 30 years of attempts to improve this section of road, which runs within sight and sound of the nation's most famous prehistoric monument this is real progress and a clear step towards our goal of starting construction in 2021."


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