CMC Property Services is much more than a cleaning service. Its innovations in technology, combined with a passion for helping the less fortunate, make it a company worth following.

Established in 1994, CMC Property Services is a national commercial cleaning and property maintenance company specialising in offices, retail outlets, commercial buildings, multi-sites, government, educational and aged care facilities.


Founder and CEO Paul McCann began cleaning buildings to help pay his way through University, and continued doing so even after he graduated. Twenty years later, he turned that work ethic into leadership of a company that has experienced 25 percent revenue growth over the last three years.


CMC’s extensive experience in cleaning, complete property maintenance services, and reporting provides the company with clear insight into customers’ needs, enabling it to constantly deliver services that exceed expectations.

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One way CMC does this is to provide a wide range of services, including: commercial cleaning, property maintenance, grounds maintenance, rapid response services such as fire and flood restoration.


Another objective of CMC is maintaining loyalty from its employees. “We work hard to ensure our operational and administrative staff are well trained, safe and happy in their tenure with us,” McCann said. “We do this by giving our staff a voice through various internal committees so they have a say in where we are heading operationally and strategically.”  


The loyalty CMC instills in its employees trickles down to its clients as well.

It has customers in several different industries, as CMC operates in capital and regional areas throughout Australia and New Zealand.


CMC embracing the Golden Rule expands into all parts of company culture.  To celebrate 20 years of being in business, CMC held a gala, raising $90,000 for its charity partner Very Special Kids. The charity supports families of children suffering from life-threatening conditions, operating the only children’s hospice in Victoria, and the first of its kind in Australia.


McCann said one of CMC’s key strategic goals has always been to give back to the community, and described the gala as the official launch for CMC’s charitable involvement to friends, staff, family and clients.


“It’s a great place to be and we put on a great event,” said McCann. “We put it out to our leadership group, and it was one charity on our short list of four. I also had been in contact with Very Special Kids through some other charity work I do.”


There’s generally a strong social responsibility in its working environment that CMC creates through local and community engagement. Several staff members volunteer on the weekend, showing the company’s charitable goals have a very hands-on element, working side-by-side with the people that need help the most.


“We’re a national company in Australia, and we do a lot of work with non-for-profits,” McCann said. “It’s really important to engage with underprivileged or disadvantaged people. It’s not just about donating money for the charity, it’s also about getting involved and giving your time.”


 Aside from valuing others in the community, CMC Property is also among the most innovative companies when it comes to technology. CMC views technology a major pillar in the company to track and evaluate cleaning performance, and as an essential tool in an effort to get a better and efficient output for its customers.


In a strategic effort to go paperless and create a more sustainable work process, CMC incorporates tablet technology with several different custom applications. These apps streamline the process for both clients and employees by capturing data and images and feeding them into the Electronic Customer Relationship Management System. Currently, the system on-boards 1,000 service requests a week, with scalability to handle substantially more.


The quality audit app records detailed information about the cleanliness of a site, allowing customers an opportunity to rate how well the job was done. Using this, customers have access to live and past data, including trends on one or all of their sites.


The condition reporting app is only about 3-4 months old, according to McCann, but it houses multiple features that have already proven invaluable to customers and staff alike. It provides overall site condition reports by giving customers labour efficiencies, data, and images electronically for analysis.


The time and attendance app allows CMC to collect data and information on staff members logging in and out of job sites. It also has GPS location recognition, and can take photos of staff members when they log in as an additional security measure. The app alerts management when a work pattern is different to what has been scheduled, while also connecting with CMC’s payroll and finance software to make it easier on employees to track clocking in and out.


“Obviously, a lot of companies are going to tablet technology,” McCann explained. “What we’re really trying to push is data capture and the analysis of that data. Customers want everything now just like we all do. It’s just in line with what’s going on around the world, really.”


When it comes to being in tune with the world, no company has its finger on the pulse quite like CMC Property Services.

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