Kaplan Construction is a family-owned, WBE certified general contractor and construction management firm that has provided construction services for commercial, healthcare, multi-family, worship and institutional clients since 1976.


Founded by Ken and Cathy Kaplan, the company recently underwent a three-year management transition and Nathan Peck was appointed President and Jane Kaplan Peck was appointed Chief Operating Officer.


The transition is a sign of the company’s continuous evolvement towards bigger and brighter things, and its new leaders are excited to continue the company’s expansion within the industry.


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“We’re using state-of-the-art construction management, document management programs and we’re able to do BIM (building information modeling), systems in-house,” said Nathan Peck, President of Kaplan Construction. “One of our goals is to provide the level of expertise and technology that a lot of the larger companies are able to provide but on a much more personal level.”


Building Client Relationships

Kaplan Construction has become recognized throughout the industry for its exceptional customer satisfaction reviews. From the relationships built with clients to the efficient execution of projects, Kaplan is regarded highly for its professionalism and delivery.


“What it really comes down to is executing great projects at a great price,” said Peck. “The foundation of our success is looking ahead, solving problems before they become problems and executing a smoothly-run project.”


“We’re a little more lean and nimble being a small company,” continued Peck. “Our structure is being lean, efficient and providing a very experienced staff that sees the job through from day one until the end.”


Safety As A Priority

This mentality is brought into safety and well-being practices at Kaplan Construction and the company has been awarded numerous awards, reflecting their dedication to creating “a culture that is safety conscious” and ensuring their employees are well taken care of.


“As a general contractor, you see it as a responsibility to provide a safe, efficient job site,” said Peck. “Our employees have families and loved ones outside of the workplace so it’s our utmost priority that they’re as safe as possible while they’re here with us. And we’re not just trying to avoid the big injuries, it’s the simple things – from the abrasions to the sore back – it’s making sure that when people come to our job sites, they return home in the same condition they arrived in.”


“There are also the open lines of communication,” said Jane Kaplan Peck, COO of Kaplan Construction. “We want the people who work here to feel very comfortable and let us know what’s going on in their lives – how we can help them, how we can help their families and just keep a supportive environment.”


A Technology Driven Portfolio

Kaplan Construction is consistently on the cusp of the latest technological innovations, and most recently, it has incorporated Building Information Modeling (BIM) in-house. BIM can be used in many ways on a project, whether it's to coordinate MEP and Fire Protection systems with the building structure and architectural design or to utilize the model in post-construction for building maintenance. By identifying and solving potential problems prior to construction, rather than in the field, clients are able to save a significant amount of money.


In business for more than 38 years, Kaplan Construction’s highly experienced staff has worked together for many years, building a strong resume of renovation and new construction projects along the way.


Kaplan Construction’s current portfolio includes renovations for Boston College, Genzyme Corporation, and Equity Residential Management, as well as a number of healthcare and community development corporation (CDC) projects.  Kaplan is also in the midst of preconstruction for seven jobs totaling $75 million.


Looking Ahead

Kaplan Construction has big plans for the coming years, with one of its primary goals being increasing its annual revenue from $20-25 million to $30-35 million while additionally expanding its client base.


“Kaplan has been around for 38 years, and we have worked with a very small group of people within the industry over that time period,” said Peck. “We’ve had a wonderful relationship with that small group and that’s kind of been the backbone of the company for that time period. My main goal for the next few years is to take the relationships and experiences that Kaplan has established and get our name out there.”


“I want people to recognize Kaplan’s name, learn about the type of projects we work on, and hear our clients’ enthusiasm about our level of dedication and expertise we bring to our projects,” said Peck.  “We’ve had a tremendous amount of success over the last year bringing in some great new clients and we just hope to keep that momentum moving forward.”

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