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Hensel Phelps Awarded $65m NASA HQ Construction Contract

NASA has awarded a two-year contract worth $64.8 million to Orlando-basedHensel Phelps Construction Companyfor construction of a new 450,000-sq ft, ener...

|Jul 18|magazine3 min read

NASA has awarded a two-year contract worth $64.8 million to Orlando-based Hensel Phelps Construction Company for construction of a new 450,000-sq ft, energy-efficient headquarters building at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

Part of KSC’s central campus consolidation, the project also involves demolition of some 900,000 square feet of buildings and infrastructure in the Kennedy Industrial Area. Hensel Phelps will also provide all necessary civil, structural, electrical, plumbing, environmental, mechanical, fire suppression, and communication infrastructure.

Hensel will additionally add landscaping, seven dual station electric vehicle battery charge stations in parking areas, provide LED light fixtures, upgrade the 800-kw emergency generator environmental rating from tier 2 to tier 4 and provide future utility system interconnection capability.

Through this development, NASA expects to save $400 million over the next 40 years by halving its square footage and at the same time slashing operational and maintenance costs with the aid of the energy-efficient replacement HQ.