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The Alandale Group Intelligent Fingerprint testing in construction

The Alandale Group to use biometrics for drug testing

The Alandale Group, the support services firm for the construction industry, has announced the incorporation of the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Test into its operations.

The biometric solution works by collecting and analysing tiny traces of sweat from a fingerprint to detect drugs.

The test will be used in the firm’s operations across the UK and Europe, including the Alandale Plant & Scaffolding, Alandale Logistics, Alandale Northern and Alandale Security businesses.


“We’ve selected the Intelligent Fingerprinting system to replace a urine test approach. We randomly test our workforce annually across all sites to encourage adherence to our drug usage policy and promote a safer workplace for all,” stated Sylvia Opara, Head of HR for The Alandale Group.

“We started using the Intelligent Fingerprinting System some months ago and, in contrast to the urine cup method we used before, our workers are much happier to provide a fingerprint sample as it is more dignified, and the testers find it easier to use.”

“All of this, in addition to having results within minutes, helps reduce the amount of time (and paperwork) needed to manage each random test. We are very impressed with the Intelligent Fingerprinting drug test and would be happy to recommend the fingerprint testing method to other businesses.”


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