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Google has so far invested over $10bn in data centres

Google data centre

In an analysis of impact within the data centre industry, Google revealed that it has invested $10.5bn directly into its data centre facilities, having opened six US campuses since 2006.

“Each is a state-of-the-art, world-class facility that enables the company to provide the search engine, cloud computing, and other Web-based services on which so much of the modern economy depends,” the report states.

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Further, the report also showed that as of 2016, the company’s data centres generated $1.3bn in economic activity, creating over 11,000 jobs in the process that include 1,900 permanent positions across the six operational sites and 1,100 construction workers that are responsible for the maintenance work.

Alongside this, the company has invested a further $2.1bn in renewable energy generation projects to support the centres in line with its recently achieved goal of matching its electricity consumption with the use or purchase of renewable power.

In other words, for every kilowatt hour of electricity consumed, Google purchased a kilowatt hour of renewable energy.

These renewable energy projects in themselves have led to 2,800 direct construction jobs and include the creation of eight separate wind and solar projects.

Earlier this month the company broke ground on the construction of a new $600mn Alabama data centre three years after it had first announced plans for the facility, set to be its eight operational site.


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