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Indian construction equipment sales rise, despite price increase

Sales of construction equipment in India are expected to grow to a record high during 2017, despite a significant rise in prices.

A new report from Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association revealed that sales of construction equipment in New Delhi are anticipated to grow by around 10-15 percent to a record high this year, following years of decline.

Over the past three years, sales had declined year on year until they rose 2.5 percent in 2015 and a further 41.5 percent the following year (2016).

The increasing sales come at a time where prices of construction equipment are also rising.

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Construction equipment costs rose between 6-8 percent under the goods and services tax regime.

What is the reasoning behind this rise in construction equipment sales? A governmental push to make significant investments into building major infrastructure across India, including highway construction, inland waterways, railways and airports.



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