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Samsung to build new $6bn semiconductor production line

Samsung facility

Leading South Korean technology company Samsung has announced that it will begin to construct a new extreme ultraviolet (EUV) production line Hwaseong in the aim of maintaining its status within the semiconductor industry.

The EUV technology will be utilised to overcome nano-level technology limitations in the aim of creating 7nm chipsets that will be used to support 5G networks throughout the deployment of the networks.

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“With the addition of the new EUV line, Hwaseong will become the center of the company’s semiconductor cluster spanning Giheung, Hwaseong and Pyeongtaek in Korea,” said Kinam Kim, President & CEO of Device Solutions at Samsung Electronics.

“The line will play a pivotal role as Samsung seeks to maintain a competitive edge as an industry leader in the coming age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Construction of the facility is expected to complete in H2 2019, costing $6bn, with production to be ramped up to full capacity in 2020. The company has stated that additional investments into the facility will depend upon market circumstances at this time.


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