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Arada reveals digital infrastructure plans for $6.5bn Aljada project

Arada reveals smart city plans for UAE's Aljada

The UAE-based construction firm, Arada, has announced plans for its megaproject located in Sharjah.

The digital infrastructure plans will make the US$6.5bn project one of the smartest cities in the country.

The company’s development team will focus on five key areas during the early stages of the project: mobility, utilities, telecommunications, the ‘circular economy’, and waste management.

“Among the innovations to be introduced at the 24 million square foot development are a Sustainability Lane for electric vehicles, smart parking, smart solar-powered lighting and ‘circular’ offices,” the firm stated.


“The aim of these initiatives will be to provide residents, workers and visitors to the destination with technology that adds value, improves quality of life, saves money and also supports the environment.

“We have always said that Aljada is a forward-thinking and progressive project, not just for Sharjah, but the whole of the UAE,” remarked HE Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Arada.

“That is reflected in our smart city plans, which will improve quality of life and reduce environmental impact. We also hope that by testing products in such a large-scale environment, we can contribute positively to the learning process that every city is undergoing around the world.”


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