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Fluence commences construction on San Quintin project

Fluence Corporation Limited has started initial construction on the desalination plant in San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico.This project, as previously disclosed, is designed to supply 5.8 million gallons/day of potable water to the San Quintin region.

Fluence will recognise revenue over the 20-month expected term of the project, starting in the third quarter of 2018, as well as an estimated $10million of recurring billings for 30 years after the plant begins operating.

This ‘milestone project’ for customer Comisión Estatal del Agua De Baja California (CEA), the State Water Commission of Baja California, is the first non-recourse project funding arranged by Fluence.

Fluence will build and operate the seawater desalination plant through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) owned by Fluence and its local partners. The SPV will produce water for the San Quintin area for the next 30 years, after which ownership and operation of the plant will be transferred to CEA.

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