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Steel to replace traditional building methods in India

Steel to replace traditional building methods in India

India’s booming construction sector is set to incorporate steel within impending new builds to accommodate the increased need for commercial and residential developments in the area to complete sooner than current schedules permit.

The Business Excellent & Research Awards, held in Singapore, aimed to provide pioneering methods for projects within India and reduce the time taken for projects to complete, whilst maintaining important cultural elements and outer appearances of any future builds.

Architect A.R. Saiju Mohamed from Insight Architects highlighted the importance for any future developments to preserve Indian culture and “not harm the diversity” in any future designs, despite the change in traditional methods.

Through the utilisation of steel instead of traditional cement-based approaches, developments will be completed within two years, cutting project schedules in half and also reduce costs significantly.

Jacob Jose, Chairman and Managing Director at Methods (India) Pvt Ltd said: “We have fabricated steel for plants, and it is a time for the construction industry to scale up the use of such pre-engineered structure to accelerate the pace of completing buildings”.

With over 40 years within design and construction, Methods (India) Pvt Ltd has become one of the most sought after manufacturers of Bulk Material Handling Systems in India, in addition to Insight Architects, who are committed to “socially responsible architecture” through their innovative designs and methods which will help shape India’s infrastructure further.

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