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Carillion wins new green building contract

Carillion wins new green building contract

The first sustainable building is set to be constructed in a joint partnership with Carillion and Zaha Hadid Architects, which will run purely on renewable energy sources. Set to complete in 2018, the build will embed various technologies, such as solar power, utilising the location and climate.

Designed by the late Zaha Hadid, the building will be constructed with a range of recycled materials, of which the UK Export and FINANCE (UKEF) will behind the contract.  International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said: “Our support to help Carillion secure this contract shows the UK’s global leadership in sustainable engineering, and our pioneering expertise in developing smart cities and green buildings for the future."

"The UAE is a key partner in the region and 5,000 UK companies work in there. Through UKEF, the Government is ensuring that British firms can be the first choice to support the country’s ambitions."

Salim bin Mohamed Al Owais, Chairman of Bee’ah, said: "As pioneers in environmental sustainability in the Middle East, Bee'ah is proud of our international alliances and the partnerships we have forged to advance our ambitious strategic goals."

"This agreement is a significant moment in the history of the region. It demonstrates Bee’ah’s dedication and commitment to delivering on promises to the people of the UAE by providing tangible solutions to the greatest environmental challenges that face modern civilisation," he stated.

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