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Construction of Singapore Changi Airport’s Jewel is 75% complete

The Jewel facade for Singapore's Changi Airport is 75% complete

The ‘Jewel’ complex being constructed at the Changi Airport in Singapore is 75% complete, and on schedule to be open in 2019.

The Jewel façade is being constructed using more than 9,000 pieces of glass – each one specially manufactured.

The façade will also feature more than 18,000 pieces of steel beams and over 6,000 steel nodes.

Due to the complexity of the façade, with each piece of custom made glass having different dimensions, the project has been in development for five years.

 “Given the unique measurements of each glass panel, the installation process warrants precise coordination to ensure that each panel is fitted into the correct ‘grid’ placement that it is planned for,” stated Jewel Changi Airport.


“Meticulous execution is also required as the glass panels are transported from the ground level to the top of the façade for the roof installation.”

It will weigh more than 6,000 tonnes and will connect the Arrival Hall in Terminal 1 to Terminals 2 and 3 through pedestrian bridges.

The construction project will feature a 40m waterfall and a five-storey plant collection, dubbed the Rain Vortex and Forest Valley.

In total, the complex will span 10 storeys and cover 134,000sqm, housing 9,000sqm of retail space and 300 tenants.


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