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JCB India uses cloud-based IoT platform

JCB India uses cloud-based IoT platform

JCB’s Livelink telematics system has successfully connected over 10,000 construction equipment and machines deployed for its customers across India, using Wipro Ltd's cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

The Livelink system allows JCB India to remotely monitor the real-time health and performance of JCB assets in the field. The predictive capability of the platform helps all stake holders to collaborate in ensuring operational availability of the asset whereby maximising the value derived from it. The geo-fencing feature prevents misuse and theft of assets, while allowing asset owners to enforce contract compliance. The stakeholders have already started to see the benefit of the solution.

Vipin Sondhi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at JCB India said: "IoT is an emerging technology domain and one where there are no proven paths for success. Wipro has been a trusted partner through the design and deployment of JCB’s Livelink IoT solution. Through a combination of strong technology expertise and excellent program management capabilities, Wipro has provided end-to-end integrated support to enable this milestone for our customers."

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