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Sustainability in construction: Green goals and strategies

Sustainability in construction: Green goals and strategies

Sustainability has quickly become one of the most important factors to consider in construction. We explore some of the world’s largest construction companies and their eco-focused goals.


For well over a century, France-based Vinci has been building modern infrastructure facilities to improve daily life and mobility for all. Its ambitious vision is not only to build long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees and partners, but also to meet vigorous sustainability goals with its environmental ambition that has been built on its manifesto. The company has promised to meet the needs of the changing world whilst helping countries negotiate the energy transition.

More details regarding Vinci’s sustainability strategies and ambitions can be found here.

Groupe Bouygues

Bouygues is well recognised in the construction industry thanks to its diverse range of active projects combined with some great initiatives. When it comes to sustainability, the company takes things very seriously. Bouygues believes that protecting the environment is an integral part of its vision of sustainable construction which has been converted into meaningful actions by its team.

More details regarding Groupe Bouygues sustainability strategies and ambitions can be found here.


The European-based service and construction technology group has outlined three main points as part of tis environmental responsibility commitment plans. These include the reduction of energy use and CO2 emissions via energy and fuel management, reduction of the direct and indirect negative environmental impact during construction and continued development of processes and technologies for resource- and energy-efficient buildings.

More details regarding STRABAG sustainability strategies and ambitions can be found here.


The Swedish-based company has always been an industry leader thanks to its wide range of construction capabilities including bridges, roads, homes, hospitals, and schools. Skanska states that it focuses on the areas of sustainability that drive the most positive contributions including health and safety, general ethics, community investment and diversity, and inclusion.

More details about Skanska’s green commitment can be seen here


The US-based company is delivering its projects using a ‘full-spectrum approach’ which does indeed include ambitious sustainability goals and targets along the way. From things such as minimizing waste in its offices to helping customers meet the global demand for low carbon, affordable and reliable energy, the company is putting sustainability at the forefront of its culture and operations.

More information on the company’s cleaner energy goals and offerings can be found here.


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