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The Big Ben: Top 10 facts

The Big Ben: Top 10 facts

Architect Ioannis Oikonomou at  is hoping to build the longest building in New York, which is making waves within the construction and design industry. Take a look at our top 10 facts regarding the unique design.

  1. Now known as ‘Big Ben’, the proposed design would be double the height of the Burj Khalifa and be situated on 57th Street.
  2. The structure would span 1.22km from end to end, reaching 4,000 ft. The Burj Khalifa spans 2,722 ft.
  3. Designed to work alongside New York’s zoning laws, which will help towards the lack of affordable housing in the city, whilst building upwards, not outwards.  
  4. The building will encompass residential apartments, which will go from the bottom of the building, all the way to the arch.
  5. The build encompasses windows which form a grid pattern, measuring four across each side, until it arches at the top.
  6. The design was inspired by the fact an elevator can now move vertically and horizontally, according to CNN, enabling this unique shape.
  7. The design echoes the trend of slender skyscrapers which have been built in New York, such as 432 Park Avenue by Rafael Vinoly, in addition other buildings under construction, such as 111 West 57th Street.
  8. Whilst the proposed build is to tackle an ongoing cause in the city, many are concerned that such a large number of tall constructions will overwhelm the city’s skyline and create increased congestion within existing infrastructures.
  9. The glass-lined skyscraper is not set to be built anytime soon, but as taken the world by storm.
  10. Not yet agreed, the Oikonomou is currently welcoming investments surrounding the project before it is submitted.

Photo Credit: oiio studio

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