Top 10 Construction Expert Insights for 2021

Dominic Ellis
|Mar 1|magazine2 min read

9. Nathan Wood, Chief Enabling Officer, SpectrumAEC

“Data interoperability will be key to building business resiliency in 2021 and beyond. Interoperability means the ability for different project delivery stakeholders to effectively communicate and streamline information flow between one another, which is essential in the digital age of construction. A common data exchange (CDX) framework allows project teams to define the interoperability requirements that will unlock machine learning, and AI. 

“Data insights will be hard to come by if you don’t first solve the interoperability dilemma. It’s about bearing down and investing the time necessary to build common language and optimise workflow, allowing teams to break down data silos and build them back better with the appropriate integrations and security protocols. The only thing left to do then is test, learn, iterate, and evolve!”