Top 10 green buildings

Woods Hardwick
|Jan 17|magazine2 min read

9. Sainsbury’s Greenwich, London, UK

  • Chetwood Architects’ award winning 1999 building now demolished
  • Genuine attempt to produce a low carbon version of this building typology
  • Lots of natural light. Earth sheltered. All on a contaminated former industrial site

Why choose it? A pioneering building that showed what is possible. It was a nicer place to be than other supermarkets. It was refused listing and controversially demolished in 2016. The building raises lots of questions. Does it make sense to deny a building listing just because it is too young? Would it have been OK to demolish St Paul’s cathedral 15 years after its completion? Was there a lack of commitment from big business? Or does the fact that it’s now gone prove that it wasn’t a good building anyway? Whatever your view, the building moved the debate about sustainability on in this country and is still referred to.