Top 10 ways 3D Printing will change construction

|Mar 1|magazine2 min read

9. Reduced wastage

Construction worldwide currently generates more than a billion tons of waste every year, with the numbers only expected to rise in the near future. Construction waste can be classified as materials from excavation, roadworks, and demolition, as well as more complex wastage such as plastic, metal, ceramic and cardboard. 

More than half of the construction waste generated annually comes from building materials such as wood, asphalt, concrete, and gypsum, among others.

While 3D printing will not eliminate this problem completely, it will help. This is because it is an additive manufacturing process that only uses as much material as necessary for creating a structure. When paired with other waste-reducing processes and building methodologies – such as prefabrication and lean construction, the technology’s potential of a waste-zero building seems likely.